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If you have implemented your website / project after long efforts and great costs and you could not reach the number of visitors you want, you may consider having a website promotional animation as an alternative advertising method. You can increase the awareness of your website with the fun and effective promotional animation we will prepare for you. We can publish your advertisement by adding the promotional animation we will prepare to your website or to your social media accounts immediately. You can evaluate the promotional animation we will prepare like a commercial film.

Remember, animations are much more effective than print advertising products and digital images, as they are prepared in motion and sound. The rate of retention is much higher. If you want to prepare an animation that promotes your newly published website with one of the 2d animation or whiteboard animation techniques,

How to prepare a website promotion animation?

First, we need to prepare a script for the animation that we will promote your site. You can either prepare it or send it to us, or we can prepare a scenario for you free of charge in the light of the information you provide.

While preparing the animation that promotes your website, we prepare an animation suitable for the period you are in, using the screenshot of your site if you want. If you want, we can prepare a promotional animation that you can use for a long time by including only the logo, contact information, slogans etc. in the animation.

Website promotion animation features

The animations we will prepare are delivered in HD image quality and in mp4 format. You can view the animation in Mp4 format on all your devices such as smart TVs, mobile phones, computers, tablets without any problem, and at the same time, you can add it to all your social media accounts without the need for a translation program. We add the background music you want as background music to your animation for free. If you accept the voiceover sample from our team, we also do the voiceover of your animation for free.Trusted Typography Animation agency in los angeles.

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